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Your prospects are people,
not cookies.

ividence is focused on the monetization of premium newsletters. Via a network of 50+ publishers ividence enables advertisers to reach 20M+ users with display & native ads, personalized on the fly for each and every recipient, leveraging the ultimate deterministic identifier: the email addressREAD MORE

Spatial editorial constraints spur creativity.

If you give someone a blank web page and let them fill it with images, text, videos, GIFs and other pieces of content, they will probably stuff it to the edges, intoxicated by the freedom of expression granted by an unlimited canvas. read more…

Content syndication in third-party newsletters: a massive opportunity!

Content syndication has been around for ages, long before the advent of the internet. Popular TV shows, after premiering on an exclusive channel, are usually syndicated to other networks to generate additional revenues. Press articles can reach a new readership when localized beyond their home market. Radio has always been a fertile ground for syndication agreements.  read more…